ECITB Leading a Team Safely

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Who should attend?

The CCNSG Leading a Team Safely course is designed for supervisory staff and lone workers who have a responsibility for teams.


  • The CCNSG Safety Passport scheme is certified by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB)
  • The CCNSG Safety Passport is frequently a specified requirement for contractors wishing to work on engineering construction sites

Course structure

This one day course extends the delegate’s understanding gained by obtaining the CCNSG National Safety Passport for site working. It helps supervisory staff and lone workers who have responsibility for teams, but who may have had little or no training in their H&S responsibilities, or indeed, little training in the essentials of leadership. The course focuses on the essentials of being a leader and covers essential aspects such as planning, implementing and reviewing, naturally with a health and safety emphasis.

If the delegate does not have a CCNSG National Safety Passport they will have to attend a CCNSG Safety Passport National course first.

Assessment structure

The assessment of learning is by a multi-choice question paper issued at the end of the day.


1 Day


3 Years


£100.00 +VAT