With a team that includes some of the most experienced recruitment consultants in our specialist fields, Humber Recruitment is perfectly equipped to respond to your staffing needs. We offer a full range of services that combines excellent credentials with a breadth of experience together with the latest recruitment software technology. In addition, we attract an outstanding range of candidates, all of which are vetted to ensure the perfect solution to your recruitment requirements.

Matching employers with candidates

With decades of experience between us, our specialist consultants have the skills, knowledge and contacts to ensure you get the right person for the job – every time. We’re here to find you the job that’s made for you, A job you can enjoy & thrive in. A job that has prospects & gives you a lifestyle you deserve. We will help you to find the right employment that that makes the most of what you have to offer!

Why use Humber Recruitment

Humber Recruitment will help you:

  • Control Your Costs
  • Find the right Talent for your hard to fill positions
  • Recruit a temporary workforce to meet your peak periods
  • Streamline the recruiting process by presenting you with the right CV’s for your job saving you time & money
  • By taking on someone temporary-to-permanent we can avoid that cost & loss of production to you if you hire the wrong person you can test an individual’s skills and personality before you offer a permanent contract.
  • We can find you a permanent member of staff by using our extensive recruitment tools & expertise saving you time & money

High calibre candidates

We will have a motivated, highly skilled workforce, achieved by focusing on the following:

Staff Competency – assessing staff competency and identifying any skill gaps.

Training – looking at continuous training needs to meet the needs of the business and client expectations; hard skills such as sales, SPA training, health & safety training, vocational training, qualified first aiders; identifying soft skills training needs including delegation and control, time management and communication skills.

Development – succession planning and personal development; identification of ambitious employees (through individual meetings) who wish to learn new skills within their department or who wish to progress to work in other departments.

Recruitment – developed recruitment practices to build on the existing skills already held within the company and to attract high calibre candidates. We intend to develop a team of highly skilled employees who bring together a wealth of experience in many different fields.

What makes us different

We recognise talent when we see it. We don’t just recruit skilled professionals; we invest in young people and the long-term unemployed.

Breadth and depth of experience – Members of our recruitment team will be recruited on the basis of their passion for working in the industry. Here at Humber Recruitment as well as recruiting skilled professionals we are looking to invest in young people & people who have been long term unemployed. Humber Recruitment are committed to improving the job market in the local area.

Service – We offer a full range of services that combines excellent credentials with a breadth of experience and embraces the latest technologies available. This enables us to deliver a competitive and unrivalled service to our clients. We will be using a bespoke recruitment software package that will keep our business legally compliant & will also help us grow our business.